firebrand_sports_portland_oregon_featured_clientThe Rachel Ray Show

Field producer.


killingsworth_stationCBS News / CBS This Morning

Field produces news segments for the CBS network.


Firebrand Sports, Portland OregonFirebrand Sports

establishing a marketing and public relations presence for Portland’s newest and most innovative fitness studio. Firebrand is receiving recognition in various media outlets since it opened last fall 2012.


killingsworth_stationKillingsworth Station

assisting in public relations and marketing of this LEED platinum affordable North Portland building.



beginning a public relations campaign for one of the leading architecture, design, and structural engineering firms in the Pacific Northwest.


Return GuruReturn Guru

establishing this mobile application creators’ new business through Shleifer’s vast public relations channels.


937_condos937 Group LLC

Manage, coordinate and supervise sales and marketing programs for the 937 Condominiums in Portland’s Pearl District. Work closely with the development and sales team to keep costs below initial marketing plans through the use of advertising, public relations, promotions, and e-technology.


Shleifer Marketing Communications, Portland, Oregon – Denny Shleifermarshall_wells_loftsShleifer Marketing Communications, Portland, Oregon – Denny ShleiferShleifer Marketing Communications, Portland, Oregon – Denny Shleifer

Evergreen Northern LLC

  • The Avenue Lofts
  • Marshall Wells Lofts
  • The Embassy Condominiums
  • Pearl Real Estate

Coordinated, supervised, managed and produced marketing  programs that enhanced sales for building projects in the Pearl District and Nob Hill District of northwest Portland. Developed marketing materials, websites, and generated over 60 news feature stories.


Shleifer Marketing Communications, Portland, Oregon – Denny ShleiferInspiration Software, Inc.

Began an active PR campaign to enhance credibility and name recognition in the Pacific Northwest . Several articles have appeared in Oregon periodicals, including The Portland Business Journal (three articles), The Valley Times The Oregon Business Magazine (three articles) and The Oregonian.